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Welcome to ThriveFit - Fitness, Health & Nutrition Blog

Welcome to ThriveFit, and to the ThriveFit Blog!


Many of those reading this may know me already. For those of you who don't, I thought I'd use this first post as a chance to introduce myself (mainly to get it all out of the way, so I can move on to writing about things that are far more interesting!). I'll try to keep it short...

I'm Lucy, a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Advisor based in Westbury, Wiltshire (though I'm originally from Lincolnshire).

I had a very active childhood, hopping between clubs and competitions in gymnastics, dance, acrobatics, swimming, netball, music and theatre, eventually enjoying part time work in gymnastics and dance teaching. I'd always loved learning and, after a short stint at Bath University studying for a degree in Sports Coaching, I moved to Leeds to study Psychology, graduating a few years later with a 1st Class BA(Hons) degree (my dissertation was about Harry Potter. I'm 100% serious. I'll gladly talk to you about it, for a few hours if you'll let me!). After the obligatory post-uni move back to Mum & Dad's, my partner's work brought us down to the South West and I was able to head back towards Bath - and now here we are, with a house, and a cat!


I ended up working in marketing after uni in a few different roles and industries. I met some great people and built up super valuable experience, but I wasn't particularly passionate about what I was doing. I'd also started CrossFit after moving home, inspired by my cousin Dan who had set up a couple of boxes in California, and had also been building my knowledge of nutrition. I started training at CrossFit Peterborough - my original CrossFit family - where I discovered I was actually quite good at Olympic Weightlifting (thanks to my gymnastics background and short, strong legs!). This introduction allowed me to take part in a series of British Weightlifting talent ID camps, after which I was offered the chance to join the performance pathway for Tokyo 2020. But, having just planned my move down to the South West, I decided I had other fish to fry! When I moved, as a complete stranger to the area my first priority was to find a new CrossFit family. I chose CrossFit Civitas, and I could not be more grateful for them welcoming me into their community nearly 3 years ago. I've since been lucky enough to compete with Civitas in team and individual competitions around the UK, joined the coaching team, and made a whole bunch of amazing friends. It's my second home, the hobby that I love, and nearly my entire social network!


After a few years of contrast between my 9-5 and my (much preferred) evenings in the gym, I was left needing a big change in favour of what I loved the most. I'd always been active, had been learning so much coaching CrossFit classes, and was helping more and more friends out with their nutrition. I wanted to do these things full time - being active has always been a huge part of my life - but it took me a long time to pluck up the courage to make the change.

After many months of fear and debate, I finally decided to take the plunge and qualify, working to achieve my Level 3 Personal Training Certificate. I'm now lucky enough to spend my time training clients 1-2-1, offering nutrition advice and coaching CrossFit classes, and to call this my career!

Now, I plan to keep on learning, and look forward to working with many more interesting clients, helping them on their health and fitness journeys. More importantly for you, I also plan to write about other things now that this 'getting to know me' part is done!

I'll be posting lots of updates from my clients and the latest goings-on at ThriveFit, writing all about fitness, health and nutrition, as well as sharing lots of great resources full of exercise, diet and lifestyle tips, motivation and research.


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