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Client Profile - Millie Merry

Meet Millie - one of my wonderful and inspiring postpartum clients, who has been busy regaining her strength and fitness since welcoming her son into the world in 2020. Training at home in her garage while baby sleeps, Millie's been making amazing progress and, most importantly, is thrilled to be finding 'herself' again (which any mother will know is a big, big deal!). Millie was incredibly lucky to recover very quickly from labour and pregnancy, but that doesn't mean we jumped straight back in to challenging exercise. Months of paced rebuilding from the inside out with deep core and pelvic floor work, and patiently building muscle and joint strength alongside cardio capacity, has seen Millie make fantastic progress. Read on to find out how following an online postpartum exercise plan has worked for her in preparation for returning to her demanding work as a soldier in the British Army, and how taking that all important 'me time' when training has made such a difference to her experience of being a Mum so far!



Soldier in the British Army.

Favourite food

Boring...I love super healthy foods the most! Salads, fresh fish, roasted vegetables. Although, if I could live off chocolate and toast and remain in a healthy state, I would!

Favourite film My Best Friend's Wedding (a song in this film 'Say A Little Prayer' by Aretha Franklin was mine and my husband's first dance song on our wedding day, after this film. And 'Coming to America'...classic!

What's your background in fitness and exercise?

Fitness has been a part of my life since I was a young girl at school. Between the ages of 11-17, dance was my main form of exercise - before joining the Army I wanted to be a dance teacher, and studied GCSE and AS Level Dance. I then decided I’d join the Army instead and boy did my fitness levels have a shock. Fitness now being a part of my job, I attend 3-4 fitness sessions led by a personal trainer at work. I enjoy playing netball and, when work and my own time allow, I like to compete in competitions and overseas tours held by the Army. I’ve competed in lots of Army cross country competitions too…however, running is not my forte! In 2017 I found a real love for fitness. I started working out in the gym, slowly learning off others and very quickly seeing a change in myself. I felt instantly happier, fitter and my body was feeling strong. Since finding this love of working out in my own time I've really enjoyed pushing myself and currently really enjoying Lucy helping me to achieve my goals.

How did you keep active during your pregnancy?

I was working out until I was around 25 weeks pregnant, 4-5 times per week, circuit style training using only kettlebells and bodyweight. I went on very long daily walks too. After 25 weeks, my energy levels dipped but I tried to do the odd pregnancy session on YouTube and keep up with the long walks too.


How did you find those first few weeks postpartum - did physical recovery feel as you expected? I think all my physical activity during pregnancy really paid off. A couple of days after I gave birth I felt pretty much normal again (besides tiredness). They usually say it takes 6 weeks for your body to head in that direction but my midwives said I was there within 4 days! I was so proud of my body.

What made you choose online programming for guiding your return to exercise postpartum?

Online programming is the most convenient for my new lifestyle. I like to know that my workout is there waiting for me whenever I have a chance in the day, I like that there is no time pressure, and that I can look ahead of schedule and really motivate myself by seeing what Lucy has planned for me that week.

How has online programming made a difference for you?

It's made an incredible amount of difference to me. Words actually cannot explain how. My workout is 'me time', usually when the baby is in bed. It's time to work on myself and to somewhat zone out, put some loud music on and get fitter and stronger. Physically, I can't believe how much strength I've gained since starting online programming. I've nearly lost all of that baby weight and I'm getting back to where I like to be.

What have you enjoyed most about your programme?

I love that my three sessions a week are always completely different from one another.


"My workout is 'me time'...time to work on myself and to somewhat zone out, put some loud music on and get fitter and stronger"


How have you managed to find time to exercise around the huge demands of motherhood? My evenings are when I like to exercise now. That way I have as long as I need and there's no threat that the baby is going to wake and disrupt my session.

You're 12 weeks into your training now - how are you feeling?

Just so happy! Fit, healthy and 99% like I've gained 'me' back. Thank YOU!

What are your fitness goals going forward? I tend not to set huge fitness goals, I like there to be little pressure on my workouts but equally I like to see myself getting fitter. My goal is just to remain fit and healthy, and to be as fit as I was before I fell pregnant.


"I just want to say the biggest thank you to Lucy.

Without her I genuinely wouldn't be as fit, healthy or happy as I am today. Her knowledge, attention to detail and personal care toward me and my workouts are second to none.

I'm really grateful!"


Interested in 1-2-1 personal training or online programming? Get in touch here to find out more.


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