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Favourite food:

I can't choose!

Favourite song:

There's too many good songs that I love!

Why did you start personal training?
My Dad and brother go to the gym lots and I wanted another way of getting fitter as I had been really ill for a long time and had lost a lot of muscle and fitness

Is personal training what you expected?
I love it! I wasn't sure what I'd make of it and thought I might get bored inside a gym, but I absolutely love it!

Favourite exercise:
Would probably be any form of squat!

Least favourite exercise:
Probably something to do with
the bike, or running!

Anything else you'd like to say?
Love my sessions with Lucy,
was worried I wouldn't enjoy being in
a gym with other people,
but now it's a highlight of my week :)

IT Infrastructure Risk Manager

Favourite food:

Chinese takeaway or McDonalds

Favourite song:

Champion by Carrie Underwood

Why did you start personal programming?
I signed up to the Great South Run in 2017 and felt I needed help to get me across the line in terms of leg strength and endurance. There is so much conflicting information out there from "self proclaimed experts" that I needed an actual expert to guide me.

Is programming what you expected?
I began with high hopes but some previous bad experiences from generic programs from more corporate gyms. Personal programming has exceeded all my expectations.
I built leg and core muscle quicker than I ever thought possible, my stamina and fitness improved week on week and I found my enjoyment for the programme constantly growing.

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What was your biggest fear
about programming?

That I would fail in being able to
complete the workouts or stay
committed to the programme.
I shouldn't have worried!

Favourite exercise:
Prior to programming - rowing.
Now - I love a weighted lunge.

Least favourite exercise:

Anything else you'd like to say?
Starting personal programming was the best decision I could have made.
I successfully completed the Great South Run and plan to continue with programming as a way to maintain my running goals whilst also changing my body shape and losing weight.
I feel so supported and motivated by Lucy - she really listens to what I want to accomplish and created a plan that is truly tailored to my abilities and my goals.

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